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Password expired - help!

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:33 am
by Nigel K Tolley
As a security feature, this forum is set to automatically expire your password every 3 months. The process is very straightforward, simpy put your new password into both boxes, and (the tricky bit) your CURRENT password into the 3rd box.

CoNfus1on sometimes arises because you don't recall what your old password was, because you have left yourself logged in forever, or you let your browser remember it - and this is why we have to force you to change it occassionally! (As well as it might have been compromised at some point, and we really don't want others looking over our forums without vetting!)

Should you get stuck, please use the 'I forgot my password' link in the first instance. Should that still not work, send either Kate or myself an email.