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This forum and The exhibition

Post by Mick Friend » Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:29 pm

I must state that this forum and the show are for EVERYONE. There are a few who think they can dictate which forum member can post or have access to the individual forums. I know of many members who are franchise operators for one of the several multi-nationals. I am ex Dyno the mortgage had to be paid - didn't last long and I set up Timpsons training - hopefully that has not been diluted too much.

There is nothing contained on this forum or the LASM website that cannot be gleaned in pictures from youtube or manufacturers links.

Of course action will be taken against abusers after an adequate warning has been issued. If you know of anyone with a Criminal record let me know by PM but be careful what you say - be very sure.
With 1000 + members there may be the odd ...under the logpile.

I am proud that in all the time we have had the forum and shows only one person has been refused forum membership and one person who ws known to us was refused entry at one of the first shows. - SOMETIMES IT GETS A BIT HOT IN HERE BUT THAT'S LIFE
If it looks like an exhibition, sounds like an exhibition, sells itself as an exhibition – you may be really disappointed. There is only ONE LOCKEXPO and ONE ALEXPO
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