What forums do we have?

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What forums do we have?

Post by Mick Friend » Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:04 pm

When you register we have several base forums – each designed for specific members, you can of course belong to more than one.
we will allocate permissions based on the registration form, but you can always request additional access

LASM Matters arising - everyone will have access to this, to ask questions related to the magazine, or discuss articles.

Hobby forums - For hobby picking and locksports

Off topic General chat - open to all forum members

Access control – for those that work mainly with access control in all its forms

Alarm Engineer – speaks for itself really

Security personnel – a catch all for others

Warrant & Court Officers - for those who use locksmiths day-to-day

Locksmiths several area depending on experience

Advertisers - for our advertisers to chat to you or you to them

For Sale/Wanted - speaks for itself, and has its own set of rules
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